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The Early Days In Harriston

From curling on ponds and rivers in 1875, a split two-ice rink with natural light in 1877 at the new “Palace Rink”, to an upgraded two sheeter side by side at the “Palace Rink” in 1920, to the George Street skating – hockey shared facility in 1953, to the dedicated 4 sheeter presently at the arena complex on George Street in 1976...

Today, the Harriston Curling Club is continuously growing to meet the needs of an active curling community. The Club's strong focus on their historical roots, giving to the past – present – and future of the sport will ensure this tradition continues.

The Harriston Curling Club, welcomes new members from all age groups and genders to come out and be part of a lifelong sport filled with tradition and community camaraderie. For more information, interested persons need only call or email listed contacts herein.

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